It is winter and with winter we always connect snow, cold weather and skiing. Many people can ski and they go to skiing areas to enjoy their skiing holiday. In today special we prepared top destinations for skiers and snowboarders. In Europe, there are many beautiful skiing destinations thanks to the Alps.


It is high-quality ski resort with the top rating. One of the biggest Austrian resorts with 60 peaks bigger than 3000 metres. Big elevation and also the fact that there are two glaciers – Rettenbach and Tiefenbach provide you high-quality snow from the end of autumn until spring.

For the fans of free country skiing, there are many free terrains where you can ski. Normal skiers will like free slopes and almost no people. On the top, there are more than 3 metres of snow almost whole winter.

If you skied a lot and you want to relax after whole day you can visit Freizeit Arena with swimming pools, hot tubs and with saunas.


Chamonix is the best centre for winter and ski lovers but it can also provide services for tourists in summer. You will enjoy not only ski resort but also the city, where you can go shopping. In the winter streets of Chamonix are very romantic as it is a dream.

You can visit Ice Cave called Grotte de Glace – here you can go into the glacier. The exhibition inside the cave describes the life of mountain people in the 19th century.

In the area of Chamonix, you will find many slopes and many ski resorts. You can enjoy sunny days in mountains with perfect snow for skiing.


More than 50 ski lifts and more than 200 kilometres of slopes. That is exactly what you can imagine when someone says he was in Kitzbühel. It is the perfect centre for relaxation in the Alps.

From October you can enjoy these slopes with perfect snow. It’s one of the best ski resorts in the world where you can enjoy skiing for almost 200 days per year!

During skiing, you can visit ski huts and lodges where you can drink or eat something not to be hungry or thirsty. Kitzbühel is developed since 1892 and from 1893 you can enjoy also perfect free riding for snowboarders but also for skiers.

If you don’t like downhill skiing you can enjoy cross-country skiing. In areas of Kitzbühel, you can find more than 60 kilometres of groomed trails.


It is one of the biggest French ski resort with more than 200 km of slopes and more than 70 ski lifts. La Plagne is formed by 10 smaller ski resorts around peak called Bellecote. For fans of cross-country skiing, there are about 80 kilometres of trails. The centre of La Plagne has its own outdoor warm pool, inside tennis courts, many restaurants, rifle range, bars and disco.

One of the disadvantages is that the centre is really expensive and lots of people in the winter. Sometimes when you hire apartment you won’t find there things you would expect to find there.


It’s a high Alpine resort where you can enjoy more than 300 sunny days per year. When you come there we would recommend you “White Turf” – famous horse race on the frozen lake.

You can visit there luxury resorts for the top vip people. There are also luxury shopping centres, restaurants and even more.

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Bormio is one of the best-known ski resorts in Italy. Tourists come there mainly due to the World Mastership in downhill skiing. You can also enjoy night skiing on the legendary Stelvio slope – 4 kilometres of the perfectly treated slope.

In the city, you can also visit thermal baths, modern shopping centres, restaurants and free time facilities. One of the best things here is that Bormio is free-tax zone so many tourists go there to do shopping without tax.


It is one of the world best ski resort which you can enjoy from June until October. It is said that it is the best skiing in New Zealand. You can enjoy their parks and freeriding ski areas also the first-time skier will enjoy it and find what he wants.


Every year in Quebec areas there is more than 4 metres of high-quality snow. You can see there just well treated friendly resorts which you will like and the best thing is that there are not far away from Québec City.

In this area, there are fantastic snow conditions due to the temperatures and weather. You will enjoy a holiday there and it will be an unforgettable time.

Images sources: Ski Map Sölden –

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