Are you one of the travellers who never know where to find accommodation for your journeys? We have written an article which will definitely help you when seeking for the accommodation during travelling. There are several options where you can find accommodation so we will talk about each option.

If you are a budget traveller and you need to find accommodation for more people or for a smaller price, you should try Airbnb. It is something like modern social media where you can find apartments but also houses for hire. These can be short or long-time hires but it’s not for too long. You have to be careful but as I travel a lot, I have never had an Airbnb with some problem. Advantages: Cheap, easy to book, you can meet local people. Disadvantages: not every time it is very clean and superb, usually no food included (sometimes you meet someone who will give you breakfast which is included in the final price).

Another option is a website where you can find normal hotels or apartments. These are websites like Booking or Trivago. These are usually not as cheap as Airbnb, on the other hand, these are more luxurious and there is food included. There is either breakfast, half board or all inclusive. These can be very good for people who like to stay in one place and these are also good for families.

The last option is a website where you can find so-called B&B (abbreviation for Bed and Breakfast). These can be found also on the Booking or Trivago but there are specialized websites where you can usually find much more than on previously said websites. Bed and breakfast will offer you bed (overnight accommodation) and a breakfast included in the price. These are something like one or two-star hotels and these are not so luxurious. On the other hand, these are quite cheap so they are suitable for budget travellers. Sometimes you can find really nice B&B which can be even better than some really expensive hotels.

If you don’t find any accommodation you can also try to find some hostel. These are usually also really cheap but almost always you will share the room with others and there will be some showers for men and women for all of the people who stay there so you won’t have any private space for you.

The last option is to stay in some camp. In some, you will have to have your tent or you will have to come with a camper but somewhere you will be able to rent a small cottage where you will have everything to stay over. It is also a type of cheap accommodation but it is not comfy every time you are in camp.

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