On 9th February Winter Olympic Games, 2018 will be officially started. Many people travel to South Korea to PyeongChang to visit Olympic games but some people want also to visit more than that.

Odaesan National Park

Area of almost 300 km squared which is home to many wild animals and plants. It is the area of Birobong peak, the area of Odaesan National Park. You can find there animals such as boars, musk deer or woodpeckers. There are many areas open to people – there are treated hiking trails but it winter there can be lots of snow.

Baengnyong Cave

The very nice cave formed mainly from limestone. It was open to the public in 2009. It is almost two kilometres long natural limestone cave located about 15 kilometres above the sea level. It is being researched until today.

Woljongsa Temple

It is located in Dongsan Village in a forest in eastern valley of Odeasan Mountain. It is very nice historic temple surrounded by coniferous forests. Around this temple, Geumgang-yeon Riven flows. The temple was constructed in ancient times and it is a symbolic, cultural relic of Pyeongchang. It is the temple where you can feel the real Buddhistic culture.

Hyoseok Cultural Town

It is named after Korean author Lee Hyo-Seok who was born and raised there. He was an author of When the Buckwheat Blossoms. Buckwheat is really traditional for this town so you can taste buckwheat noodles or pancakes.

Korea Botanic Garden

It was closed until 2015 because of the renovation and now it is a very nice botanical garden. The only disadvantage is lack of parking place for cars. It is near to Odaesan National Park and also to other sightseeings. It is worth seeing it.

Byeongbagchi Skywalk

It really feels like walking in the sky. The whole floor is made of glass so you can see everything under you. You are more than 550 metres above ground and you will have a really nice view from this observatory which stretches out from the cliff.


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