Nowadays there are so many technologies which you can buy almost everywhere. Everyone has at least one smartphone and we use it every day.  There are many apps which are really good for travellers (More here: We have chosen top mobile apps for travellers! See which are good for you.) but you can also buy some gadgets which are good for travelling – some which you can use in connection with your phone but there are also some other gadgets which are useful and you don’t need to have your phone.

As everyone has a mobile phone, you have to charge it quite often. That is the reason why everytime you go somewhere, you might be glad if you have a good power bank with you. In our office, we have been trying Lamax 10000 mAh Quick Charge Powerbank and it is really amazing. It is no advertisement but we are really satisfied with this power bank – it has good capacity, it can charge your mobile phone or even a tablet really quickly thanks to the Quick Charge technology and the price is also really good – you can get it for about 25 €.

Another gadget which can be really useful is a smartwatch or a smart band/fitness band. It can monitor your activity throughout the day, you can get notified when there is a new message or calling and you can find there many more things. I have a smartwatch with internal storage so I usually download music into my watch and as I have Bluetooth earphones, I can listen to music without a mobile phone. I can just leave it home when I don’t need it. I can have maps in my smartwatch which is also really useful and you can use it for much more things.

You should also have good earphones. Really good and nowadays modern ones are the Bluetooth earphones. They are really useful as you don’t have any wires around you and these are just perfect when travelling. Everyone wants to listen to music or watch a movie when travelling. And believe me that if you sit 20 hours in an aircraft you want to have good, high quality, comfortable earphones. There are also so-called noise cancelling earphones/headphones which will cancel the noise around you. These are really good e.g. when you want to fall asleep with the music playing but you don’t want to hear the noise.

If you are a huge fan of photographing or you simply want to make photos during travelling you should by a good camera which you will be able to use every time and to make good pictures. You can also by a polaroid which is something that is getting more and more popular today. It is just cool if you take a picture of something and the picture will get printed from the photograph. If you want something like that you can also buy a pocket printer like HP Sprocket and you can print whatever you want from your mobile phone.

A good thing is also a good backpack. You should have one because you need to carry things to the aircraft, you have a treck and you need to carry water or some snack with you and just have to give it somewhere. A good backpack should have enough space just for you and it should have enough pockets. If there are lots of pockets, you will stay organized and it will be much easier for you to find something in your bag.

When you are travelling, you definitely also need to drink and have a lot of water. That is the reason for buying a high-quality water bottle. There are also some water purifier bottles which can help you with purifying the bottle in the places where the water is not the best. For example, when travelling to Africa or to the Middle East you will be glad that you have something like this. You will have clear water all the time.

If you travelling with friends and you want to listen to music, you may be like to use the Bluetooth speaker. You can easily connect it to your mobile phone and listen to the music with your friends. There is a wide variety of this earphones from the cheapest ones to the more expensive with the better sound.

Disclaimer: There is no advertisement in this article. We just show products which we really like and we think they might be useful for our users.

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