Venice is an Italian city which was very important mainly in history and nowadays it is known for its canals. There are also many islands which are on the canal. It was a centre of Renaissance and it inspired many writers, poets and painters. Because of the really good location, it served as a port for a long time so it was also a centre of trade. It was a centre for trading with the silk, spices and other goods which were imported from India, Middle East and Asia. This city is also very known for the Venetian Glass (island Murano).

As you arrive in Venice you will smell the traditional air of Venice. It is not the best smell but it is caused by the canals which are definitely worth visiting. You can take a gondola ride so you will go around the city on a gondola. This is a really good way how to see the city from the different point and many locals say that you won’t see the city so well as from the gondola. Sometimes this ride can be a bit pricey as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

As you take the gondola you can arrive at St. Mark’s Square. On this square, there is a Basilica San Marco and Doges Palace. Both are a really nice ad you can get a good price when visiting both. If you go to some local agency you will get the best price if you buy a gondola ride, Doges Palace and Basilica San Marco ticket.

The Doges Palace was very important for the whole city in the history as the doge lived there. It was something like today mayor so someone really important for the city. The apartments are used as a gallery but the best thing to see in this palace is a Scala d’Ore (Golden Staircase. It is a 24-carat stuccowork which is really nice and it is a masterpiece!

The Basilica San Marco (The Basilica of St. Mark) served as a Doge’s private chapel in the history. Nowadays many people tend to visit this basilica when visiting the Doges Palace and there is a reason for that. The cathedral is beautiful from the architectural point of view but also from the artistic point of view.

If you want to visit Venice during February, every year in February a masquerade festival is held in this city. It is a ten-day festival where you will able to see all the masks which were worn during the balls in history.

As you go to Venice during February, the city is really crowdy during this festival. Don’t forget to book all the tickets and accommodation a long-time before to be able to get a hotel or to get to some attractions!

If you want to see a nice and popular bridge, go and visit Rialto Bridge. This one is located on Grand Canal so it is a high probability that you will see that on the gondola tour as many gondoliers take the tour also on this canal. It is a bridge from the 16th century.

You should also visit one of the islands in Venice – this can be either Burano or Murano. Both are very famous. Burano is popular for the nice houses and for the fishing tradition. There are colourful houses which are often photographed. There is also a museum which you can visit. Murano is known for glass history. It is a centre of unique glass art so you can get many nice souvenirs made from the glass on this island. There are also many other shops so you can go shopping on this island. On Murano, there is also a Murano Glass Museum so you can visit it and learn something about the history of the glass art.

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