Every time you travel there are few things you need to have every time. Without having them you can be totally lost – that’s the thing you don’t want. In this article, we will review what there are.

MOST IMPORTANT – These are the travel documents like passport, flight ticket, ID card, insurance card, … – you need them all the time and if you don’t have them it will be a huge problem.

TRAVEL TIP: If you lose or are stolen your passport, go to embassy or consulate and they will help you. If you are stollen the passport visit also police and fill in the loss protocol with them.

The base of every travel adventure is good backpack or suitcase. It is important to have a good suitcase. Firstly you need to decide whether you want hard suitcase or cloth suitcase. Some people say that hard suitcase can be easily broken during manipulation on the airport but that is not true. In fact, it is more convenient and safer to have the hard suitcase.

Also when you travel you should have a good backpack. When you go for a trip, you need to carry all the staff and some backpack is the best solution. You don’t want an enormous one (only if you go camping, the big backpack is good) so choose a backpack which has capacity about 20 litres. It is also very good if the backpack has many pockets so you won’t have a mess in it.

Second important things are the chargers for your electronic devices. Nowadays all devices need electricity and we are totally addicted to them. The power bank is also useful but you need to have high capacity (around 6000 mAh – at least).

Headphones – they are needed all the time – when you commute, when you travel, … Everyone listen a lot so you need good headphones. They can be used during waiting for a train, during travelling (you can watch a movie, …).

During travelling some books can be very good. When you travel and you are bored you can read some interesting books. You can read some guide (or our website – for travel tips and inspiration) or you can take your favourite book you really like.

Disinfection – during travelling you get to the places which are crowded and you want to be clean all the time, so you can time disinfection (in some small package which easily fits your backpack) and then you can use it few times a day.

First aid box is very useful for everyone. You should take your medicine you take regularly but also some painkiller, bandage, plasters, …

Cosmetics is the basic thing. You shouldn’t forget the toothbrush, hair comb, shampoo and shower gel. If you need, pack also makeup and things like that. In aircraft, as there is dry air, it is good to have lip balm. 

If you are travelling to rainy destinations like the UK or some other countries, don’t forget to take an umbrella. Take also proper shoes which will be comfortable for you – you need to have comfortable shoes on the plane and for the trips.


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