If you are a frequent traveller, you have definitely many experiences with the luggage. All the time when you are travelling, it is very important to choose the right luggage so you can easily fit it in your car or you will have no problem when check-in. There are some parameters which you luggage have to have.

The size of the luggage and the weight of the checked-in luggage always differ in different airlines. A checked bag usually can be 90 × 75 × 43cm big, but nobody is controlling the size of the luggage. The weight of the suitcase is controlled every time so you should be aware mainly of that.

It depends on the airline but low-cost airlines the weight limit is from 15 to 20kg and in other airlines, it is around 20 – 25kg. It also depends if you are flying business or economy because in business and first class you have a usually bigger weight limit (e.g. American Airlines provide 23kg checked baggage limit in the economy while in first class and in business you have a 32kg limit). The weight limit can also differ according to the location you are flying to. If it is short-haul flight the limit may be smaller than when you have a long-haul flight.

When talking about cabin baggage you have to check also for the allowance as it is very different all the time. There are very similar maximum sizes of the baggage – 55 × 40 × 25cm is the maximum as there is no room for bigger suitcases on board.

The weight allowance is usually around 10kg but there are some airlines like easyJet or Delta which have no weight restriction (It may differ according to the destination you are flying to). Be aware because many airlines will permit you to take just one piece of luggage on the board so you cannot have e.g. backpack and your purse with personal things. Other airlines will permit you two cabin bags (usually cabin bag + some small personal handbag).

If you are a frequent flyer or traveller, you should think about investing in a good and more expensive bag as you will use it. My suitcase always has to have many pockets where I can give all the chargers and other small things but also the inside organisation of the suitcase have to be perfect. For example, my suitcase is divided into three compartments inside of it and it is really useful as you can give hygiene in one, shoes in second and all clothes in the third one. Then I give all the small things like a raincoat, chargers … in the front pockets of my luggage.

When buying a new suitcase or other bags for travelling, you should think about when and where you will be travelling. When you are travelling for a long time to some destinations where you need swimwear but also a good winter jacket, you should go to a big suitcase.

If you are rather travelling at weekends or just for one week you should choose a smaller suitcase which you can have on board so you don’t have to check-in your baggage.

Today there is a wide range among which you can choose. There are also many backpacks which can be very good for carrying all the staff especially if you like hiking or camping. There are many backpacks from which you can choose – city backpacks where you can give your laptop and your personal things and then there are hiking backpacks where you can fit all you need for some time. These are especially good for travelling to destinations where you will have to carry your staff for a long time.

When choosing a suitcase, you should also think about the material it is made of. There are two main categories. These are a hard shell and soft shell luggage. Soft bags are really good because you can easily expand them. If you need more space there are really good. When you are travelling somewhere for a short time you don’t have to fill them up and they will easily squeeze. They also won’t damage when someone from the airport staff will throw them to the airplane. On the other hand, if you carry something fragile inside your suitcase, these items may be damaged more easily.

If you have a hard shell suitcase, the suitcase will be damaged more easily but on the other hand, it will properly protect all your staff inside the suitcase. My recommendation is definitely a soft shell bag.

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