Today, everyone needs to have a smartphone and for travelling, there are so many ways how you can use it. It can be your best mate in some situations when travelling. It might be useful when you get lost but also in other situations. There are so many apps which may be helpful to you.

But which one is the best just for you? When travelling, firstly, you should consider how long the smartphone can “stay alive” – that means the bigger capacity of the battery you have the better it is. Especially if you like camping or hiking. Then you are usually without electricity supply and you don’t have many places where you can charge your phone. You can use a power bank but it also does not have an unlimited supply of the energy.

If you like photographing and you are a traveller, you also should think about the camera quality of the phone camera. The better is the camera of the phone the better photos you will have.

You should also think about how much are they protected. If is there a water protection, … You may like to swim in the sea or somewhere in the lake but there may not be a safe place where you can give your phone. The best option is to take it with you.

We have chosen some smartphones for you which may be good for travellers:

Huawei P20 Pro – Phone with good battery capacity, big display and a good camera. Everyone will like this one. It is also good if you work in an office or if you need to answer some emails during travelling.

iPhone SE – a Small but good smartphone for everyone. It is a brother of iPhone 5S – the best selling iPhone. It has a quite good camera, but not the best, especially in late night hours.

Sony Xperia XZ2 – Very nice phone with good battery capacity and with a good camera. It has also a quite big display which is good if you need to do some work staff during your journeys.

Galaxy Note 8 – a huge display, a good camera and a good battery capacity.

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