All the time you shouldn’t forget about eating. Eating is very important to stay full of energy so that you can explore so many things all the time. Good eating is very important to stay fit and feel happy all the time. Many people forget to eat regularly during travelling and that is the reason why we have prepared article with tips.

One of the best food during travelling is simply nuts. These guys have a lot of energy inside and there are just perfect. You can pack a bunch of them into a small bag and have them all the time with you. As you are walking or driving a car you can eat them and gain a lot of energy.

If you are workout master and you need a lot of protein we recommend you protein bars. They contain a lot of energy and they will give you everything you need after a walk or mountain climbing.

All the time you also shouldn’t forget about veggies and fruits. These are the best source of vitamins and also sugars. And what are sugars? These are a great source of energy also. Furthermore, veggies and fruits are really good for our bodies and help us to stay healthy. One of the best vegetables is avocado as it contains lots of protein and other important nutrients.

If you like veggies you can have a good salad. You can just mix all the vegetables you really like with some nuts, add some meat or cheese and you have prepared good lunch for your journeys. As we are talking about vegetables and about all healthy food we should also talk about hummus. Hummus is a delicious dish made of chickpeas. That’s full of important vitamins and minerals and furthermore, it will provide you with a lot of energy. And as we said – it’s just so delicious.

If you like sweet things and you aren’t a fan of sweet fruit you should take some cookies with you. They are not the healthiest guys on the Earth but whatever. These are just really good and they are easy to take everywhere.

If you are a real man you should eat a lot of meat. But what kind of meat can you take? Which meat has a great expire period? It is the jerky meat. It’s dried meat which will last for a long time without a bigger problem. You don’t have to have it in a fridge so it is very easy to take it for your journey.


And what about our last tip? You should definitely drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated is one of the most important things. If you want to prevent a collapse during your journey or exhaustion you should drink a lot of water all the time. Don’t forget that sweet drinks and coffee is not good. Everyone loves coffee but it will dehydrate you more than anything else.

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