Do you want to visit London or you are currently in London and want to know which restaurant you should visit and where you can try the original cuisine and eat delicious meals?

One of the best restaurants in London (furthermore it is a very romantic restaurant) is Hutong Shard restaurant which is located in the highest building in London called the Shard. Furthermore, in this restaurant, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the City of London.

Another restaurant with stunning views is Sky Garden restaurant. It is located in a skyscraper on Fenchurch Street – local people call this skyscraper Walkie Talkie.

WORLD TRAVELLING RECOMMENDS: We highly recommend you seeing Rainforest Cafe, which is one of the best restaurants in the centre of London. In the restaurant, there are interesting decorations which make the restaurant look like a rainforest.

If you want to taste local cuisine you should taste Fish & Chips – one of the most popular British meals. We recommend you restaurant (more like a pub) called Fishers Fish and Chips which is really nice restaurant selling fish and chips. Furthermore, this restaurant offers you a different type of fish and you can choose which one you would like. They also have calamari, burgers and other things.

You can also try Baileys Fish and Chips which is one of the cheaper restaurants with traditional British dishes. Apart from fish and chips, you can also get there some good burgers or other traditional dishes. Our editor also visited The Golden Chippy restaurant, where you can also taste Fish and chips and here you can also get really good food for good price.

Another good restaurant is Northbank Restaurant where you can see the Thames. It offers modern cuisine and very good food. In this restaurant, they serve you fish, steaks and other meals of modern cuisine.

If you like seafood you should go to the restaurant which is called The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen which is a little bit more expensive, but you will get what you should get for that money. We visited this restaurant and it was a pleasure to eat there. You can taste there meals like crab, lobster, many types of fish, …



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