Are you a big fan of travelling but you would like to save some money during travelling? All the time you can save some money while buying flight tickets and your journey will be cheaper or you can use more money when booking a hotel.

Firstly, you can use websites like or On these, you can search for the flights and find which airline is the cheapest one.  You will definitely save there some money and sometimes the flight tickets can be even 5 times cheaper (e.g. We bought a ticket for $50 instead of $250).

Secondly, there are some tips – for example, you should use “Incognito mode” during searching for flight tickets. It is said that each time you visit the website the price will increase and that the price is the lowest during the first visit to the website. The cookies on each website remember if you have visited the website.

When planning your vacation you also should firstly look for the tickets and find out what day it is cheapest to fly. Somedays are super expensive and some days are not so expensive. Also, some months are more expensive than the others. It is said that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days to fly.

It is also good to buy tickets few days before the flight because the flight tickets are usually a little bit cheaper. You also should think about the transit flights when you have to change the airline – for example you want to go to Vienna from London so you would go from London to Paris and from Paris to Vienna – this flight will be much cheaper than a direct flight, on the other hand also much longer than the direct one.

Also, a really useful tip is to fly with one airline all the time when you are a frequent flyer. When you fly frequently with one airline you can become a member of a flyer club and you will have some discounts for future flight tickets.

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