Do you like Christmas and you want to enjoy them? How to connect travelling with Christmas? Visit some most favourite and beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.


In Vienna, you can visit one of the best markets in Europe. And it is not only at Christmas but whole year long. These markets have a long tradition – they started in the 13th century. Vienna city is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and at Christmas, it is even nicer. One of the best markets, you can find in front of the town hall, where there is a traditional market but you can visit small markets in the city which are even more beautiful.

Then you can also visit Christmas village Maria-Theresien Platz – one of the most traditional markets in Vienna – highly recommended for all of you.

Belvedere Palace CHRISTMAS MARKET – It is also in Vienna and it is one of the most beautiful markets and it is not so crowded. You can find here Austrian traditional products.


The Czech Republic is a very nice country in the centre of Europe. In almost all cities in the Czech Republic have their own Christmas market. But in Prague or Brno, there are very nice markets. On the Oldtown Square, there is the biggest Christmas market in Prague and it is the most crowded market. You can see the city hall and the main centre of Prague.


Brussel offers you more than only Christmas market. You can visit a very nice city with history and visit another sightseeings. Brussel Christmas market takes place from 24th to 31st December. This year there will be attractions, markets, and more things which are interesting to see.


The City of Dresden has the biggest number of the Christmas markets in the eastern part of the country. It is the city with tradition and the most known market – The Striezelmarkt  – has a long history and tradition. It was first to open in 1434 and this year it is the 583rd Christmas market. You can see here traditional goods like woodwork, pottery, … You can also taste their traditional food and dishes like well known Dresdener Christstollen – the traditional Christmas cake with dried fruit, nuts and other things inside of it. We recommend it to you – you should try it!


If you are from the UK or you are going to the UK during Christmas time, you should visit Manchester as there is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. You can find here 10 markets in the city but we would like to recommend you the best one – Albert Square Christmas market – that is the square in front of the town hall and it is the biggest one in Manchester. You can also visit Cathedral gardens where there is ice rink so you can enjoy the sport with your friends.

Tip: Buy some tea, coffee or something in the original Manchester Christmas mug. It cost 2,50 pounds and you can return it (you’ll get your money back) or you can take it with you. These mugs are super cute and beautiful.

LONDON CHRISTMAS MARKETS – In London you won’t find the most beautiful market in Europe but the atmosphere there is very nice. You can visit the biggest market in London called Winter Wonderland where there are about 200 wooden cabins selling Christmas products. You can also visit Leicester Square where you will fell the Christmas and it is one of the cosiest markets in Europe.

We hope we gave you enough inspiration where to go for the Christmas markets. Our last tip is that on Christmas markets you can also buy some very nice Christmas gifts.


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