Bali is an island of Indonesia. It is a very popular destination for tourist from the whole world. The reasons are clear – there are so many things which you can see, there are so many beautiful attractions and there is the very nice weather. Tourism is the source of money for Bali inhabitants. Bali is also known for its art, sculptures, music, … The capital city of Bali is Denpasar. Are you also interested in Bali as other tourists and would you like to visit Bali? Read what to do there and what to see there!

Firstly, there are some really popular destinations in Bali. Kuta is the first one. It is probably the most-known place in Bali for all tourists. This city is very busy but if don’t hate busy places, you will definitely love it. There are many markets (also shopping malls but these are not the traditional ones) and you can go there to breathe the smell of the traditional food, to taste the traditional food and to discover the culture. In this city, you can also learn how to surf if you are one of the surfing fans. This city not only popular for its beaches but also for the nightlife. If you travel there with your friends, you can go out in the evening and taste some traditional meals and drinks.

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Another popular place is Seminyak. It is an area in the southern Bali with many luxurious resorts. It is also popular for its shopping malls. As things there tend to be really cheap, it is really popular for all tourists to go shopping there. It is also well-known for its luxury beaches where you can also go surfing. You can find there many restaurants and bars where you can go to eat out. These are usually very good and offer you high-quality food.

If you want to meet the local people and if you want to see more of the culture, you should visit Ubud. It is one of the cultural centres which are worth visiting. In this area, you will find the traditional rice fields and other fields which serves for the production of local crops. There are many yoga studios so you can go and take a lecture on traditional yoga if you are a yoga fan. There are also many luxury spas and shops. As you will walk through the city, you will see old temples and some local markets which you should visit as you will find there something local all the times. If you want to try some massage, Ubud is the right place for that.

If you are near Ubud visit also the Ubud Monkey Forest. It is a Hindu temple complex with so many macaque monkeys. It is a really nice place where you can spend a lot of time.

The last city which you should forget about is the capital of Bali and that is Denpasar. There are so many things to do there. For example, you can visit Shark Island where you can swim with the sharks. Don’t be afraid and if you want, you should go there. You can also go to the Bali Provincial Public Museum to see exhibits from Bali. These are really interesting and you will spend there some time. One of the really nice architectural places is Bajra Sandhi Monument. It is nice place to visit and you should visit the gallery there where you will find interesting exhibits.

Now, we discovered some cities and we will go for some more general information. You should definitely visit some Hindu Temple because these are really nice and you will discover their culture more. There are some many temples everywhere and you should visit at least one as Hindu is the local religion which is really traditional.

PURA ULUN DANU BRATAN – One of the really popular Hindi temples. This one is on a lake and around the temple there are really nice gardens to visit. There is also busy wild life so you can see there some local wild animals.

ULUWATU TEMPLE – Also very popular temple with views of the sea. Really nice to visit. We recommend to take there a photo as it is really nice place for photographs.

You can also go diving as there are so many marine species and many corals. If you are a diver you will definitely like it and it is also good for those who just want to try snorkelling. There are also other water attractions which you can enjoy. These are water parks or for example the Bali Underwater Scooter Riders. These scooters are equipped with special equipment for diving and it is almost for everyone. You will see the coral reefs but also the fishes and it is an unforgettable experience.

If you are a climber, visit Mount Batur which is popular for all hiker and climbers. There are many lakes which are very beautiful and you will get there views which you can get hardly anywhere else.

On the other hand, if you don’t like activities of any time and you just want to relax but you are bored on the beach, visit some spas with local hot springs. There are so many of them where you can just relax and enjoy the baths with hot water from the springs.

TIRTA EMPUL – It is another Hindu temple but this one has also its own bathing area where you can relax. You will see a temple and you will relax in hot spring baths!

If you are interested in animals and you like to discover the wildlife, you can visit the Ubud Monkey Forest but that is not the only thing. There is also a Bali Safari and Marine Park located in Gianyar. It is something like a zoo where you can see many animals from all over the world. There also some facilities for every member of the family. For example, there is a waterpark where your children can spend their time. There is also a fun zone or many good restaurants.

Tips for your journey to Bali:

  1. Try to explore as many local things as possible. Bali is a really nice island so don’t just sunbath on the beach but go and explore!
  2. Respect their religion and if you go to some temple try to behave as they want you to do. You should have covered shoulders and knees when visiting some religion site.
  3. Try to be careful as much as possible. These destinations are not very dangerous but these are also not the safest ones so don’t leave your wallet everywhere and behave safely. You can get robbed very easily when you don’t behave safely. People of Bali are really nice people but there are some individuals which are trying to rob the tourists all the time.
  4. You should definitely see some local dance show. It is part of their traditional culture. The best place for seeing this is Ubud – the cultural centre of Bali.

Prices in Bali

We have chosen some interesting things and there are their prices.

  • Surfing lesson – about $30 / 25 €
  • Lunch – $4 / 3.4 €
  • Meal for 2 People (mid-range restaurant) – $18 / 15 €
  • Beer (0,33l) – $2.5 / 2.1€
  • Water (0,33l) – $0.75 / 0.64 €

If you want to go shopping for clothes, the clothes there is really cheap in comparison with the European countries.

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